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A vacation is an opportunity to create memories with family and friends, memories that you will carry with you forever. Whether you are looking for a Mexico beach vacation, an all-inclusive Caribbean resort package, a Disney honeymoon cruise, or something with more adventure, like an African safari, make sure you plan your vacation with the help of a qualified vacation travel expert.

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As an American Express Travel Representative, Carrousel Travel has been providing innovative business travel management solutions in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area for over 30 years. For custom corporate travel solutions that combine the benefits of American Express products and services with the highest level of local service, call Carrousel Travel today.

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If you need expertise in group travel, business meetings and events, or group & individual incentive travel, look no further. Great travel experiences, whether for meetings or as a reward for a job well-done, have the lasting benefits of keeping employees refreshed, motivated, and more productive. Let us show you how over three decades of experience can work for you.

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